Our engine is the passion for what we do.

At ACERH we support our development thanks to the value we give to work and everything we do to help people find it and for companies to grow with a human capital with quality.


We visualize and are sure that work is the engine that moves the world and keeps us passionate about what we do, gives us meaning in life and allows us to demonstrate our abilities and contribute to society. It is essential for our economic well-being and the means by which we can achieve our personal and professional goals and dreams.


ACERH employs thousands of people in the country every day. Therefore, the work we do is multiplied and has an important and direct effect on the lives of millions of people, our clients, workers, mission personnel and families.


We are the leading Human Resources company in Central America and the Caribbean. We operate since 2000, managing a portfolio of clients and talents to contribute to the expansion of companies and their internal development.


We provide assistance throughout the national territory, more than 500 client companies, more than 5,000 employees hired, offering immediate response from three to seven working days in the recruitment and selection processes.





We are a service company in human capital management, a business that positively impacts thousands of people every year identifying and developing talents, taking companies the main driver of their success, growth and profitability. We motivate people and organizations to achieve greater development, performance and productivity in the professional field.






Reach and maintain a leading position in the provision of temporary services and consulting in Human Resources, with a solid and sustainable performance, based on excellence and quality of personalized service, exceeding the expectations of our clients and the community in which we live and We unwrap.






Customer Focus

Respect for Diversity

Financial strength

Honesty and integrity

Team spirit

Resource Optimization