The world of work is constantly changing and is affected by the shortage of talent, the low capacity of companies to retain it, changes in work models, the need to have happier and more productive collaborators, youth orientation about the path of his professional life, the needs of the population and other causes.


ACERH Group is the leading Human Resources Management company in Central America and the Caribbean. with offices in the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica and Barbados.


Our common goal is to connect the best talents with the best companies and contribute to society with a better quality of life through employment. In addition, we accompany companies throughout their business cycle, support them in their great ideas and implement their goals in the market through our services.

Infinity of possibilities for your company.


We grant your company the best specific workforce under the roster of experts, guaranteeing the good care of your human resources.


The great advantage of this service is that by outsourcing the hiring of human capital, you can concentrate your efforts on the key activities of your business, which contributes to significant cost reductions and obtain an increase in the efficiency and productivity of your auxiliary activities .


Outsourced personnel is the fastest and most productive solution in the market, to deal with various complex situations within the business management:


Production peaks

Disabilities or vacations

Trial periods

Promotional campaigns

Financial decisions

Installations of new operations in the country

Infinity of possibilities for your company.


We recruit the best talents, in an optimal time as your business deserves.


With ACERH you will find the best candidates for your company, regardless of the position, area or function.


We have the most demanding recruitment and selection system in the market, based on the technological avant-garde, the experience of our professionals and the widest structure of services in the national and international scope.


We provide vacancy coverage throughout the country for 3 to 7 days of response.





ACERH has a team of professionals that adapts to the most stringent needs of our clients, offering the best solutions for the search for Senior Executives.


Currently, large companies use this service to incorporate their Companies to the highest market resources.


Our Search, reliability and confidentiality policies make ACERH Dominicana the best option to hire it.

We systematize the universe.


We are experts in payroll management, demonstrated by volume in more than 5,000 monthly transactions, focus on the human management strategy of your business.


We provide the payroll administration service, with which you will gain efficiency by reducing the risks and costs (visible and hidden) inherent in payroll management, without losing control, flexibility or confidentiality.


The implementation of this service seeks logical and effective order in payroll processes taking care of customer service and most importantly, the internal employee.


We offer: income from news (dismissals, licenses, overtime, commissions, bonuses, etc.), payroll runs, vacations, liquidations, file generation, multiple related reports, bank account payments, work letter management, certifications , among others.